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Life choices for disabled people

We work with you to match the activities and courses you like with the learning you want. We help you plan your activities and learning in 6 week timetables, to make sure that you get the best from your choices, and can regularly add to your skills.

Activities and Leisure

Our activities use the very best in local and regional resources, and our list is constantly growing, so you can take advantage of new opportunities and experiences.

Music Keep Fit Drama Cycling Football Swimming Gardening Hair & Beauty Football Abseiling Fishing…


Your personal portfolio helps you match and develop your skills with the latest courses to suit you. It also keeps a record of all your achievements, helping you and those you work with plan your future to maximise your personal development.

Numeracy & Literacy IT Cookery Drama Floristry News & Media Life Skills History Photography…

Work Experience

Our links with local businesses and community groups have led us to create highly successful work placement opportunities in retail, healthcare, food and drink, entertainment and administration. These placements are a real chance to build your skills in a busy and professional environment. Each placement is chosen with care to accommodate and develop your abilities, and your personal portfolio can also be presented to employers, to make the most of your skills.

Transition To Employment

Our supported work placement service gives people the chance to fully experience different types of employment with a range of local employers, developing professional skills under the supervision of a PRS job coach.

We help people with a disability live confidently in the life they choose and believe that practicing skills in the workplace is a great way to develop abilities, skills and build confidence. At the heart of our services are confidence, communication and a willingness to learn.

Our programme provides work skills development and employer matching with specialist job coaching to assist people and manage their disability at work. We understand that each individual is different; have different combinations of strengths and skills, different ways of learning and different goals and interests. Job coaches offer personal support, enabling the people who use our service to set goals, understand their working environment and manage their day to day responsibilities. This personalised support empowers the people who use our service to find their professional feet and develop skills to thrive in the workplace.


We work with you to match the activities and courses you like with the learning you want.

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Our Commitment

We believe that people with disabilities should be able to develop their potential and improve their feelings of self-worth....

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About Us

We are committed to offering high quality training, education, day and outreach services to disabled people.

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